Dynamic rich media component for ASP.Net Flash, Video, Audio, FlashVideo and ToolTip / Balloon Help controls for C# and VB.Net

Developer Support FAQ

Need Help Now?

All the same - please read this page carefully. Almost all issues can be handled most quickly by reading this FAQ.   By helping yourself first - the community can focus on real software improvements that benefit us all.

Need a Hand to Install?

Sad but true…the visual studio toolbox has its foibles.  The safest way to install is:

  1. Download the media suite as a zip file.
  2. Unzip to a safe location – not your desktop!
  3. Drag the DLL into your Visual Studio toolbox.

If you ever get DLL errors – then try the caveman approach!  Remove the DLL from your toolbox and Bin folder, then add it back in.

Can't get to Hello World?

The most common reported bug is a failure to get to hello world.  Download the SDK and play with the appropriate example.   See – it works!  
Now it is easy to step forward to your goal...

You want to try Something Complex?

  1. Download the SDK and look over the code for related examples.  Use this as a head start to meeting your objectives.
  2. Read the Object Reference for the product.  If what you want to do isn’t there – consider the JavaScript API.  Either way, click on the Manual reference for your product below to find them:

Flash: (Manual, Tutorials, Demos)
FlashVideo: (Manual, Tutorials, Demos)
Video: (Manual, Tutorials, Demos)
Audio: (Manual, Tutorials, Demos)
GUI: (Manual)
ToolTip: (Manual, Demos)

Common Specific Issues

Can’t get your license key to work?

We try to prioritize licensing issues in our email responses, so don't worry, but please read the following first:

  1. Make sure you have followed the instructions found in your license email - if you did not receive the email, please check that your spam filter didn't get it.
  2. Make sure you have registered all the products you're using - for instance, the GUI controls need to be licensed separately.
  3. Make sure you've licensed the correct product - if you've made a mistake here, let me know that is what happened, and I'll transfer your license free of charge. Note that "Flash", "FlashVideo" and "Video" are different products - they are commonly confused.

If you never received your key – the ordering hotline is 1-877-353-7297. Have your order number at hand.

Thanks.  If you are still stuck – perhaps our community can help you.